About us:

The SpendataWorx team comprises a range of skilled and experienced procurement data practitioners who have direct "hands on" experience with client data and spend analysis for a wide range of international companies.   Our facilitators are not there to just deliver the programme but to add insight, advice and practical tips on how to manage your spend data.


Tony Bridger is the CEO of Data-TrainingWorx Ltd and designed the SpendataWorx programme.  He brings over 20 years experience in spend analysis, project management, Lean Six Sigma, business management and procurement experience to his customers.   An experienced ex Royal Navy Trainer, he delivers programmes that are designed to accelerate learning and deliver outcomes that are fast, reliable and sustainable.   Tony has delivered spend analysis solutions to over 20 ASX companies and whole of NSW State Government.   He has also completed diagnostic spend data assessments for Australian businesses, World Bank and a range of other large overseas organisations.