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Individual Certification

For those individuals who want end to end Spend Analysis training.  This involves some 40 short courses, 40+ interactive videos and 600+ 2 page microbite documents.   CPD points are available - but talk to use.   Programme price will be published in Autumn 2019 - however, feel free to contact us and we can provide a target POA and syllabus details.

Business people discuss together about there work by graph document and setting in outdoor for planning financial strategy

Enterprise data diagnostic, online, blended and facilitation based tailored programmes

This is a unique training approach where we:

  • firstly, define what you want to you want to achieve from your transactional data in procurement/finance terms;
  • Identify key stakeholders that need to be involved and define which programme elements they need to access and complete;
  • Extract your payable transactional data and format it in to spend analysis reports (as a diagnostic);
  • work onsite with you (therefore limited to UK currently);
  • target additional training modules to drive action;
  • work with you to identify technologies that may deliver your outcomes - or we can provide an interim arrangement where reports are provided on a quarterly basis to maintain information flow - a wide range of options is available.

Basically, we tailor make an approach with you.   Talk to us.


Please note that we do not provide advice on individual technologies or products.