Perhaps you are looking to acquire a spend analysis tool - the programme covers the differences in tools - web hosted, self help and business intelligence.   There is plenty of choice...but what are the pro's and con's?  What do you need to assess?  What are the potential pitfalls of each capability?

You may be interested in self-development, improved skills development..or just curious about the spend or cost data world.   How can you use data to better effect?  What are the options to improve procure to pay?  What does the data tell you about savings potential?  Sourcing options?  Better and more competitive pricing?

One option for many organisations is in the use of their chosen business intelligence tools - spend analysis can be delivered using these technologies - but how do you write the requirement? Help developers understand what you need?  Reduce wasted development effort?   Define the right reports?  Is the organisations business intelligence tool the best option?   Does the organisation understand the "what and how?"

Perhaps you already have a spend analysis tool?   Is it delivering?  Is the vendor actively helping you drive the expected value?  Is anyone actually using it?   It is not delivering what you need?   Driving value out requires consistent effort and thought.